Catherine writes intelligentBOOKS, suspenseful mysteries and historical fiction that readers of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.

Living in Northern California, she grew up in various countries overseas, including France, Spain, and Morocco, where, she learned to appreciate the beauty and richness of other cultures while appreciating the unique ideals of the United States.

Being a reporter and editor for several newspapers in the Los Angeles area, she returned to college where she earned a California English teaching credential. Throughout her career, however, Catherine dreamed of writing novels.

Inspired by favorite authors such as Mary Stewart, Georgette Heyer, Phyllis Whitney, Victoria Holt, and Elizabeth Peters, she has published several novels, including The Gardener’s Tale, Chance’s Bluff, A Place Called New Hope, and The Jewelry Case, and is working on more. She is currently under contract with Cedar Fort Publishing.

Catherine is past president of Sacramento Suburban Writers Club and is active in other writers’ organizations, including Sisters in Crime, California Writers Club, and American Night Writers Association.

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